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Greetings from those who forge our destiny's in steel and magic.

We are on Tarnished Coast in Guild Wars 2

Come see if you wish to be part of the Resurgence. Those who pave their own way and unite to make this world remember our names and carve them into history!

We are a s
mall guild that wants to grow slowly as we get to know the members. Exploring, world versus world and light hearted roleplay fill our time. None of those are required of our members as a whole but please have a positive attitude for those who enjoy different aspects of this amazing world.

Resurgence believes a guild is a place for people who have help if they need it, a place to talk if they want it, a place to have fun whenever they feel like it and always a place to find friends.

Quote of The Day!
If someone in your group said just the perfect line...
Just send it to Caiylania/Ruais/Minara and see it added here!
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Your Local Karma Merchant

(Can be verbal or a screenshot of the moment!)


Gimme Quotes people! I'm getting old and forget the good ones by time I log off!

2/20/11:  Ashhell to group in Deepstrike Mines: "WHY IS THE DOOR LOCKED????" when getting wiped by the Gatekeeper.
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Black Lion Trading Company

Ruais, Sep 24, 12 10:14 AM.
Check out our forum to read how they got their name and the amazing story behind it.

Guild Bugs

Ruais, Aug 31, 12 9:14 PM.
Apparently there is a bug floating around randomly removing guild members.
If this happens to you send us a message,
we won't remove someone without talking to them first.

Resurgence is back! We have been Reborn!

Ruais, Aug 30, 12 4:08 AM.

While most of our guildees have faded away since we departed EQ II & Rift,
Perhaps some of you will still see this message and our new guildees will
know that we have fought together before, and welcome them among us!

Resurgence is now in Guild Wars 2 as "Resurgence Reborn"

We thought the name would be fitting as this will be the third game we
will fight together underneath the banner.
(Ok, so someone beat us to Resurgence, it happens!)

Our new home is on The Tarnished Coast.

We hope to see you there.

Caiylania / Minara / Ruais
Diaka / Skygge / Darien / Mekke

Previous Incarnations: Resurgence (EQII:AntoniaBayle) Resurgence (Rift:Sunrest)


Ruais, Mar 8, 11 12:36 AM.

Let me know if you have images you would like added to our gallery!

Minara does not want to be the only one in it!

We are looking for breathtaking views, funny moments,

crazy visual bugs, etc and so forth!

Share your adventures today!


Mekke, Feb 24, 11 6:18 PM.
Current members from Beta and newly accepted

applicants will just need to contact

Darien or Minara in game for Guild-Invites!

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- Albert Einstein
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We seek those who seek to explore our sundered world in a quest of friendship, knowledge and victory. It does not matter from which race you were born, only in finding what you were born to do. We will stand united against all foes.
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